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Prophecies and Perils: The Fall of the U.S.

Deception is the greatest single danger that threatens us as Christians, greater than persecution. Greater than war. The danger of deception. I heard somebody say, in effect, a little while back... "Well, it will never happen to me." I want to tell you, if you think it never will happen to you, it will happen to you. It's a sure mark if you have that attitude that you're already under deception. — Derek Prince

I believe it's much the greatest danger that threatens all of us... I want to warn you against deception. There is only one sure guarantee against deception. It's given to us in 2 Thessalonians : "Receive the love of the truth." The only thing that will protect you from deception is not something negative. It's something positive. It's the love of the truth... In other words, the avoid being deceived you have to have a passionate love for the truth. It's not enough to have a quiet time every morning, or attend a good church or say your prayers. You have to have a passionate commitment to the Word of God if you're going to avoid being deceived. — Derek Prince

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