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The Structure of Satan's Kingdom

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

...And we are coming to a point, sooner or later in every one of our l ives, when there will be no more time. Somebody has said the clock behind all clocks is the human heart. And when the human heart ceases to beat all clocks cease to tick. Each of us individually passes out of time into a new realm, an eternal realm. Remember, eternity is not just a long period of time. It is a total different realm of being, one that we can scarcely understand. Time is a mystery. Physicists tell us that if some scientists could get on board a spaceship that travels maybe at half the speed of light and visit a distant planet or star and come back, by their time they would have been two weeks on the journey. But by earth's time it would have been two generations. When they come back they'd meet their great grandchildren. That boggles our minds doesn't it? You see, time is a mystery. — Derek Prince

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