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"The United States has become a place where entertainers and athletes are mistaken for people of importance." — Robert Heinlein

By and large i try to keep politics off the blog. But I like to keep track of world historical events like America about to exit the stage of historical relevance. The biggest group of incompetents since the Obama Administration are heading us off the cliff with another pointless and senseless war to everyone but the corporate master race that Americans worship for delivering to them cheap electronic devices that they can throw away every year to put new ones on their credit cards, along with high def-images on their movie theater tv screens with surround sound... so they can watch Hollywood movies about the end of the world... while their military insures that the real world really does end for them as an economic power while most of the country is living in the third world in tents or mobile vehicles and drug addicted. This is consistent with my long-held belief that America is the church of Laodicea/mystery Babylon of the book of revelation, which is why it doesn't appear in the list of nations lined up for the battle of Armageddon.

When that happens the US will have all but vanished militarily from the world stage. The Biden Administration first handed off massive amounts of high tech military weaponry to the Chinese courtesy of the Taliban. Tucker Carlson outlines their latest generosity to the Chinese with Hunter Biden proving to be the best investment the Ukraine and Chinese governments ever made in bribing people with access to the White House. It would really be great if Hollywood would one day make a movie about the end of the world featuring themselves as the bad guys who helped sell the country out to foreign powers by keeping Americans stupefied in their Brave New World fantasylands with Tom Cruise (missile) superheroes on Impossible Missions bombing other countries into oblivion with the high tech weapons donated by the Pentagon so Hollywood could advertise the military as the coolest place to be if one wanted to fight for democracy in the Middle East and Afghanistan against all our enemies.

  And after those stunning string of victories go to war against the domestic terrorists who voted for Donald Trump, namely the US military fighting against the foreign enemies.... most of the elite forces being decommissioned due to their refusal to take the mandated YOU KNOW WHAT. But as tired and exhausted as the remainder are, they know they've still got it in them to win one more for the Gipper. But I doubt anyone would believe it. Better to stick with an asteroid from outer space about to end everyone's life on earth (meaning America since that's the only part of earth that really matters to American audiences). Just as long as it features realistic type folks played by leonardo di caprio, meryl streep and jennifer whateverhernameis that real life folks can imitate in real life... whatever that amounts to these days.

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